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ANIMA Choir and Strings

Wedding Choir, Strings, Singers, Musicians / Band


Call / SMS / iM / Viber

02 - 72161711


NEW VIDEO GALLERY - Page under construction and testing

Welcome to our Video page! Here you'll find our performance videos from the several events we did over the last couple of years. Enjoy!

ANIMA Choir and Strings

Seasons of Love - Anima Choir and Strings - Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violinist, Flutist, Percusssionist

Umagang Kay Ganda - Anima Choir and Strings - Vocal Quintet with Keyboardist, Violinist, Flutist, Percussionist

Now That I Have You - Anima Choir - Vocal Quintet acappella at St. James the Great Alabang wedding

Runaway - Anima Choir - Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist

ANIMA Choir with Keyboardist

ANIMA Choir Acapella

ANIMA Strings and Vocalists

ANIMA Strings