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ANIMA Choir and Strings

Wedding Choir, Strings, Singers, Musicians / Band


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Seasons of Love - Anima Choir and Strings

Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violinist, Flutist, Percussionist

Studio (Live) 

Anima Choir and Strings Wedding Packages

Anima Choir and Strings has been performing as a church choir for wedding ceremony all across Metro Manila, Alabang, Antipolo and nearby wedding destinations like Tagaytay, Batangas, Clark and Subic Pampanga since 2005.

As church choir for your wedding, Anima Choir and Strings can give you inputs on how to make your dream wedding soundtrack into a reality. Here are the parts of the church wedding ceremony where music is played by Anima: 

1. Processional of the Entourage

2. Bridal March

3. Alleluia

4. Music for the Wedding Rites

5. Offertory

6. Holy

7. Acclamation

8. Amen

9. The Lord's Prayer

10. Lamb of God

11. Communion

12. Kiss-the-Bride / Signing of Contract

13. Wedding Pictorials (6-8 songs)

14. The Recessional

Ikaw Lamang - Acapella Bridal March

I WIll Be Here - Bridal March

Runaway - Recession‚Äčal March

Seasons of Love

Anima Choir and Strings has had a lot of experience playing as choir and strings ensemble for a Christian wedding ceremony in Metro Manila, Alabang, Antipolo and nearby wedding destinations like Tagaytay, Batangas, Clark and Subic. This experience is important because Christian wedding ceremonies do not have strict formats and the choir and musicians must know the right time to play the music. Roughly, here are the parts where Anima can play your chosenwedding music:

1. Prelude

2. Processional of the Entourage

3. Bridal March

4. Music for the Wedding Vows

5. Exchange of symbols

6. Communion

7. Signing of Contract

8. Removal of Veil and Cord

9. Lighting of Unity Candle

10. Presentation of Newlyweds

11 Wedding Pictorials

12 Recessional

As choir / vocal and strings ensemble for wedding receptions, Anima Choir and Strings has a wide range of strings and vocal jazz and bossa standards, to mainstream and current pop and pop-rock. With interesting arrangements of alternating vocal solos with strings and backup vocals to Glee-type ensemble music, we try to balance entertainment with the overall ambiance.

1. Cocktail Music (30 to 45mins before the start of the program)

2. Introduction of the Entourage, Sponsors and Parents

3. Grand Entrance of the Couple

4. First dance

5. Music during Cake-cutting and wine-toasting ceremony

6. Music during Lunch/Dinner (max of 45 min)

7. Father-and-the-bride dance

8. Special song numbers from guests

9. Optional prosperity or money dance

An excellent Choir and Strings will surely make your wedding day extra special. Anima Choir and Strings offers to serenade you with only the best harmonies and instruments to make your wedding day truly memorable.

Anima Choir and Strings has been performing as hired singers, choir and musicians for wedding events all across Metro Manila, Alabang, Antipolo and nearby wedding destinations like Tagaytay, Batangas, Clark and Subic since 2005. As the music ensemble for your wedding, Anima Choir and Strings can help you make your customized dream wedding soundtrack a reality.

ANIMA is the leading choir-and-strings service in the wedding industry in Manila. It is composed of professional singers and instrumentalists who have had extensive backgrounds in both solo and choral/ensemble performances. They come from the tradition of multi-awarded choral groups, and trained in top conservatories and orchestras in Manila. This gives ANIMA the wide range of repertoire ranging from liturgical, classical and broadways to standards, jazz-bossa to contemporary and alternative music. This also allows us to accommodate various requests, themes and custom arrangements.

We are also familiar with most of the popular wedding venues, as listed in our schedules below, so we can give you valuable inputs and anecdotes in preparing your wedding music.

With our various packages, we can easily integrate and customize these packages based on your requirement. Do you want a choir and strings in the ceremony, and then jazz ensemble with fewer singers for the reception?

So if you want an excellent and experienced choir and/or strings with singers, or a jazz ensemble for your wedding, then feel free to browse thru our video samples, music samples and repertoire. We do anything from European classical to funky contemorary pop and OPM, love songs to jazz, bossa and even rock!

And that's why our previous clients love us!